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VinCe and “Run Devil Run” March 18, 2010

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18 March 2010 | Thursday

They been teasing us since when “Oh!” MV first out back in January this year. During the last part of the MV, preview of the dark concept of “Run Devil Run” has bee shown and make all fans around the world go on guessing.

SNSD finally released their title song for their repackaged 2nd album, “Run Devil Run” on the 17th. They also already released “RDR” MV on the same day at midnight (11am our local time).

It’s a full 180 transformation of the girls and a welcoming one too, especially for YoonA and Tiffany. YoonA changed her appearance most dramatically for the “Black SNSD” concept since she had to cut her hair. Tiffany also had to change her hair.

These are the official “Dark Concept/Black Soshi” individula photos










This new MV really reminds VinCe of “Chocolate Love” MV…don’t know why he but just feels like it. Well, VinCe IS a SNSD fans but honestly saying, if want to compare “RDR” with other songs of the same kind of genre, KARA “Lupin” and T-ara “I Go Crazy Because of You” is better. Don’t get VinCe wrong, but he still addicted to “RDR” already now. Just see his iTunes screenshot – how many already the play counts for “RDR” :p

SNSD is expected to perform their first “RDR” performance on this coming 19th March(Friday) on KBS “Music Bank”. Cant Wait!!!



One Response to “VinCe and “Run Devil Run””

  1. JoonieSaranghae Says:

    Wow, the girls are hot!!
    I think that Taeyeon, Yoona, Tiffany, Jessica & Hyoyeon looks especially hot in this photoshoot…. really big changes for Tiffany and Yoona (loving it more and more!!)
    SNSD is trully amazing!

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