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VinCe and T-ara Repackage Album March 17, 2010

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17 March 2010 | Wednesday | 12:53am

Ok, so VinCe was at Berjaya Time Square yesterday to pre-order his SNSD 2nd repackage album – Run Devil Run. While at the shop he saw this very big and very nice looking T-ara repackage album (cost a bomb too :x). Well, VinCe do like T-ara anyway(apart from KARA, Brown Eyed Girls and 4Minute), with their techno/electro style songs and also not to mention VinCe also like Hyomin and Bo Peep…lolz.

The size of the cd is what got VinCe attention in the first place. It’s a big book for a repackage album, how VinCe not attracted with that….

The repackage album contains all the songs from T-ara “Absolute First Album” and also 2 new track “I go crazy because of you” and “I’m really hurt”. VinCe never own the first album anyway, so this one is a very good deal for him.

Nice nice nice~~~ ^.^v

love Hyomin….^^

and i thought Oh! cd already oversize 😡

and their new MV – I Go Crazy Because of You


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