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VinCe and Gundam Photography November 19, 2009

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19 November 2009 | Thursday | 12:23pm

suddenly feels like updating this blog again…

This time VinCe will post up all the pictures of his gundam painting works. Both modelling work and photography are done by VinCe…lolz.

MG 1:100 Sinanju

MG 1:100 Unicorn

MG 1:100 RX-78-2

MG 1:100 Shin Musha Gundam

HG 1:144 Nadleeh

HG 1:144 Virtue

HG 1:144 Virtue

HG 1:144 00 Gundam

HG 1:144 Tieren Ground Type

HG 1:144 Hu Gundam

1:35 Lancelot Air Cavalry

Musha Keroro

Custom Gold Color Sangou Liu Bei


2 Responses to “VinCe and Gundam Photography”

  1. HenryLow Says:

    lao… so less only meh??? mana Zaku???

  2. muamar Says:

    wew gundam so cool 😀

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