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VinCe and Hong Kong May 5, 2009

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May 4 2009 | Monday | 12pm


Once again VinCe end up in Hong Kong for the year of 2009. It’s been almost two years since VinCe last visit there. Can say that this time around he go there almost alone(well partly at least). And wondering alone in the street of Hong Kong is not so bad if you ask him. He can go anywhere he wants without have to wait for others to do their stuff first.

VinCe arrive Hong Kong around 12pm on Wednesday 29 April.

Famous HK Star Ferry

Day One he already go wander around Mong Kok and visit those shops that he been before last time. Day One is a bit dull for him, as he didnt found anything that he looking for.


Day Two VinCe is going to re-visit The Peak, but instead of taking taxi to the Peak Tram, he decide to walk there from the Amirality MTR Station. Since the weather are still cold and not summer hot yet, walking there wont be any problem, cause VinCe hate sweat.  He wont walk if the weather is hot on that day. Walking to the tram from the MTR station need you to pass the famous Bank of China building and also Hong Kong park. Their park is very clean compare to here KLCC park which is full of indon and banglas. Last time VinCe visit the peak at nigth time, so this time he going there on the day time. Boy the wind up there was so strong and cold. But VinCe like it. Coming down from there VinCe decide to go Tsim Sha Sui where he know he will buy something from there. :w

Day Three VinCe find himself at Disneyland one more time! VinCe just love Disney. He really love Donald Duck. Too bad this time he got no chance to take picture with Donald. He spend the whole day inside the theme park and watch the ending firework before the park close. It was really fun, able to re visit Disneyland again, its never dull being in there.


Day Four is the day VinCe decide to dig up more toy shop around Mong Kok. Expected to find only a few more but he end up finding even more shops just around the place where he stay. Regreting never notice them earlier till almost wanna leave Hong Kong and all the money already spend at Disneyland.


It’s good to be back to Hong Kong once again, visit all those places that VinCe been before again and some new places and see what the different since last time. And see again those some spot where last time was a happy memory which is now turns to sad one.

Ok vacation over. Need to plan for the next one :w. Cambodia will be next in July :w. Then where to next? Bali? Phuket? lai lai ^^. But I surely will be back to Hong Kong some days.


4 Responses to “VinCe and Hong Kong”

  1. HenryLow Says:

    lao, mana pics??? plain one here… cambodia u buy tix jor meh???

  2. vince454 Says:

    got what pictures :w
    no patient one you

  3. Jeremy Says:

    Wei, lansi pictures of haul ma… 😡

  4. vince454 Says:

    deng no haul lansi what la 😡

    wait la…i havent finish update this blog yet

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