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VinCe and Parking Ticket :x April 27, 2009

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27 April | Monday | 12:40

I JUST CAN’T BELIEVE IT!!! I did it again! For the fourth time, I lost my parking tickeyt….AGAIN! :x. And this time in Berjaya Time Square. Cost me RM30 just to pay for the lost ticket, and to make matters worst, the ticket that I’ve lost I already pay it first and that is another RM9! Total damage for that bloody ticket is RM39! I can go have a fine dine already with that money :x. I really dunno where it goes. I swear that I take the ticket already from the machine after pay, but seem to dissapear once I get to my car. What a waste.

Let do some history with VinCe and his Parking Ticket:

First – One Utama(2006) – cost him RM35

Second – KLCC(2007) – cost him RM50

Third – Jusco Wangsa Maju(2007) – cost him RM25

Fourth – Berjaya Time Square(April 2009) – cost him RM30

Conclusion – VinCe really got problem with parking ticket 😡


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