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VinCe and Sinanju April 23, 2009

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23 April 2009 | Thursday | 7:15pm
Modelled by VinCe
Modelled by VinCe

I guess it’s time to write something on this blog. It’s been dead and people start to complaint to me already.

Ok for starters I guess I will write about my gunpla…recently done. My 1:100 MG Sinanju :w

Pilot and Cockpit
Pilot and Cockpit

Bought it back last year December (24 or 27…either one of those date). Very excited about this kit ever since Bandai announce it. But for those who knew me, im very lazy when it comes to building them. I just love to paint them but not build them. I start build part of it(chest and arms parts) and lost interest to continue where I gave to my friend, ask him to finish it up for me. See how lazy I can be. But dont blame me lazy 100%, just look at the Sinanju runners! Look at them already will make me headache…to many! Took me (along with my friend help) almost 2 months to finish the kit (of course this period of times already inclusive all the laziness and delays…more delays :w). And another 3 weeks to finish up the painting. Paint done and topcoat also done, now I’m stuck again! Sinanju decal are sold out everywhere even in Japan. 2 weeks I been looking for the decal and finally found it (from the shop that i don’t really like to shop).

Well, type only wont be nice if never accompany with the pictures right. I never snap a complete with decal pictures just yet as Im waiting for my Unicorn to be reborn (repaint and re-decal), and then snap them together…I mean their photos. As for now, please enjoy the early pictures of non-decal Sinanju, Modelled by VinCe.

Weapons and Shield
Weapons and Shield

3 Responses to “VinCe and Sinanju”

  1. HenryLow Says:

    lao, nice, but look like put sticker… skill damn geng…

  2. Billy Says:

    Where did you buy the Bandai Sinanju Decal? Did you buy it in Hong Kong. If so, where and what is the name of the store?

  3. vince454 Says:

    i get it locally

    dont think they still have stock now
    and hong kong dont have the decal for sinanju and even for unicorn

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