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VinCe and Blog v2 March 23, 2009

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23 March 2009 | Monday | 2:00pm

It’s been a while since me last write blog. Now after I been force to do one again, I need to start all over again. For starters I don’t really know what to put inside this blog just yet. Does people intro themselves when first time do blog? Really needed? If need then I intro first lu…..:w

Me VinCeVinCe like photographing, drawing, painting, artistic stuff, admire other works(paintings and arts), fine dine especially TGI Friday, take food pictures with VinCe handphone, addicted to coke, love animals and earth(phrase that always make VinCe non-blood brothers dulan – “don’t use plastic bag…save earth!”…lol), painting gunpla, wasting time with ps3, loves crispy HD, and errr….HENRY help me…I don’t know what else to type jor X(


One Response to “VinCe and Blog v2”

  1. HenryLow Says:

    hmmm good wor… just post something about ur hobbies also can… :p

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